Through the Forest icon

Through the Forest. A "Choose Your Own Adventure" style game. Your goal: to find your way to grandmother's house while gathering 100 exploration points.

Life icon

Life is a classic computer plaything of programmers, mathematicians, and scientists alike. 3 simple rules create remarkable patterns - a microcosm that provides insight into the workings of our world.

Slot Machine icon

A fun slot machine that I programmed in JavaScript.

Street Craps icon

Street Craps. Ever wonder what dice game those street thugs in the old movies are playing in the alleyway? This one. Incidentally, this basic version provides a great way to learn the fundamentals of craps before moving up to the casino game.

Infocom icon

The Infocom Page features my complete set of solutions for all of the classic Infocom text adventures.

Myst Book

My complete walkthrough for the original Myst game, recorded in an official Myst Journal. To view it, you may need Adobe Reader.